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Make Insignia Mediscripts your reliable adjunct for immaculate and timely Medical RCM Services. In challenging business environments where time is money, our time-tested processes and cutting-edge technology increase the efficiency of your operations. You won’t have to wait for even 24 hours to have quality RCM with an accuracy rate exceeding industry averages delivered to you. Our rates are fair and competitive!!!!

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In the midst of soaring healthcare expenses, it is absolutely logical for hospitals, clinics, and physician practices around the world to find cost-effective measures and many such wise organizations have realized that it makes global business sense to opt for Insignia Mediscripts Solutions.  Our Medical RCM services make sure that you meet your RCM needs in the most inexpensive way without endangering the quality.


Customer Benefits

  • Impeccable quality RCM with timely TAT
  • Billing based on actual work produced
  • Easy process and interfaces to use
  • Lower RCM cost

Quality Assurance

  • Experienced RCM staff that constantly keeps an edge over the continuously changing Medical Lexicon
  • Management that is committed to a consistent quality service

Flexible Solution For Physicians

  • Highest level of secure internet access for RCM data transfers
  • An end-to-end solution starting from patient visit scheduling to settling claims

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Medical RCM

Insignia Mediscripts has been providing High Quality, Fast and Cost-Effective way of Medical RCM Services to Individual doctors, Clinics, Hospitals and other Medical RCM Companies for the last 10 Years. IMS is managed by Physicians, Software Engineers and Experienced Qualified Medical RCM Experts who understand your RCM needs very well. We do this by not only increasing productivity but also by reducing equipment, manpower, and infrastructure costs of our clients.

General RCM

Insignia Mediscripts has the expertise for General transcription processes too. Here, we focus on all types of transcription apart from the medical field. We transcribe conference calls, workshops, speeches, videos, lectures, phone messages, interviews, or similar audio or video material to transform them into a typed readable format.

Medical Record Summarization

Medical Summarizers take into account the end-use of medical record summarization as specified by the clients, as it may pertain to be used for Plaintiffs or Defendants or for use of IME or AMEs. Summarization and Insignia Mediscripts is undertaken by trained and well-experienced resources who understand the legal aspects and significance of the report. This facet helps you get the medical summaries in an argument /deposition pro manner.


Medical scribes are an emerging profession brought about by the increased workload of physicians and need for additional administrative assistance and documentation for EMR regulations, health reform legislation, and more. The medical scribes at Insignia Mediscripts takes over the data entry and recording for the doctor to free up time for patient care. Our scribes specialize in charting physician-patient encounters in real-time, such as during medical examinations.

Medical Coding Service

One of the most important parts of the RCM Cycle is medical coding as accurate coding results in higher claim rate and will result in the first submission payment. Proper Medical Coding is important on many levels, from ensuring accurate payment for physicians to creating a valid record of patient care history. At IMS, our coding team is qualified and well experienced in the ICD coding for different specialties to ensure that your claims get past during the first submission itself.

Medical Billing Service

This part of Healthcare involves several sub-processes like eligibility verification, authorization, claim submission. Each part of the sub-process has its own importance and so the contribution to cash flow.

Medical Sorting and Indexing

Our specialist staff will receive the unsorted medical notes and return to the client in an organized form of records. Our team is comprised of qualified medical staff with more than 20 years of experience across a wide range of medical fields, thereby ensuring that medical records are processed accurately and efficiently. These services save our clients lots of time and money.

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