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Insignia Mediscripts

Insignia Mediscripts is a long-term player with its leading and unmatched presence in the industry providing RCM services primarily to the U.S. and Canadian Healthcare Industry. The company was started with a vision to become the vestige of RCM by overcoming the false promises and poor service delivered by most of the existing companies in the market.

Insignia Mediscripts offers a comprehensive solution to all the RCM needs of hospitals, clinics and physicians in the United States and Canada.

Our specialized team of RCM has extensive experience in providing end-to-end solutions to you with a complete and absolute emphasis on HIPAA compliance.

Our RCM services in the U.S. and Canada are stood apart by reliability, accuracy, affordability and customized turnaround times.

To make sure that you receive the highest standard of RCM services, Insignia Mediscripts has an efficient team of professionals that are well-experienced and trained in all SMEs for all the services.




Improved Quality

All RCM experts employed by Insignia Mediscripts are professionally qualified and understand the importance of Patient Health Information (PHI) along with the criticality of delivering error free reports. We adhere to strict procedures and norms, and with multiple quality control levels, the result is overall outstanding quality.

Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT)

The data received is processed and delivered within 12-24 hours; guaranteed next business day delivery. The Insignia team understands the need of timely delivery and is committed to work diligently by sticking to tight schedules thereby resulting in reduced turnaround times.

Reduced Cost

The improved quality and reduced TAT come with guaranteed lower costs since we have established a seamless process with low overheads after trying and fine-tuning all the procedures, maintaining a tight rope, transferring the cost savings to you.


IMS has a very strong focus on integrity and compliance because in industries like Healthcare, it is very important to maintain awareness of current laws and regulations, monitor risks, and continually review the policies. IMS intends to become the most customer-friendly organization. Our mission is to decrease our client’s overall cost of service by offering value-oriented and cost-reducing revenue management programs. We want doctors to spend more of their valuable time taking care of their patients and families rather than sitting in front of computers. IMS aims at letting you do what you are trained to do while we will take care of all of your other services.


IMS targets at continuously improving customer satisfaction by providing state-of-art Healthcare IT services and products so it can be the globally preferred Healthcare organization making a substantial difference in the Healthcare ecosystem.  IMS is committed to offering excellent customer services and affordable benefit management.

Why Insigniams?

Insignia Mediscripts Pvt. Ltd. (IMS) was established in January 2011 by a team of providers seasoned in different Healthcare Services to Hospitals and Clinics in the US and Canada.  We deliver on our commitments, differentiate on performance, and exceed customer expectations. Our goal is to become the benchmark in the USA Healthcare industry providing the best services to satisfy the customer through continuous improvement driven by integrity, creativity, and teamwork. We assess our success to our customers’ ability to achieve their business objectives, to support their mission, and to better care for their patients. IMS adheres to all compliances and keeps the goal to provide services with excellence. We aspire to apply and develop our expertise and experiences in the Healthcare management space while at the same time respecting all our team members who work with us from different parts of the globe.